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Welcome To The Glenn Willis

Welcome To Terri's Catering

Welcome you to Terri's Catering! We hope that you will do us the great honor in allowing us to serve you on your special day. Over the years our goal has been to provide beautifully unique events that go much further than just scrumptious food. Our staff prides itself on creating a monumental experience for you with our visionary recipes and amazing venue spots! We want you to have outstanding service, a unique atmosphere, amazing food, and excellent planning and consultation to ensure that you have the best catering experience! Thank you for the opportunity and enjoy!

Our Menus

At Terri's Catering we pride ourselves on our enticing variety of fresh foods. Whether you want delectable entrees, gourmet sides, or exquisite desserts, we have the perfect dish for you! We provide customary crafted meals for all of your special occasions!

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The Glen-Willis House

We are proud to offer our new location, The Glen-Willis House as a venue for the special occasions in your life. We recently purchased this grand historic home to provide a beautiful and elegant place for our clients to enjoy as well as well as a base operation for our business. 

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What We Provide

No matter the amount of guests, we will guide you through every detail to make sure your event is creative, stylish, and affordable by offering scrumptious food and outstanding service. Terri's Catering always has something fresh and new. Just ask her repeat clients today!